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How to reach us


If you arrive by plane, the ferry and hydrofoil ports of departure for Ischia may be reached by public transport or taxi. From the Naples Capodichino Airport, one may reach the Calata Porta di Massa and Molo Beverello points of embarkation – which are a mere 800 meters apart - using a shuttle bus (Alibus), which directly connects the airport to the port of Naples. Tickets may be purchased on board. If taking a taxi service it is advisable to ask for the fixed rate, determined by the municipal administration at approx. 16 Euros for the port of Naples and 20 Euros for Mergellina.


From the Central Station, one may reach the port of Naples by shuttle bus, the ticket may be acquired inside the station. From Naples Central Train Station, the Mergellina embarkation point may be reached by metro, which is located within the station. By taxi the fixed rate for the port of Naples is around 10 Euros.


From Naples: If travelling by car, by taking the ring road, both the Calata Porta di Massa quay in the port of Naples and the port of Pozzuoli can be reached from the highway. To reach the port of Naples from the highway, take the A1 highway towards "Naples - Port"; travel along the Via Marina until you reach the Calata Porta di Massa exit. From Naples the connections to Ischia depart from two ports: Molo Beverello and Calata Porta di Massa. The Molo Beverello is in front of the Maschio Angioino, Calata Porta di Massa is approximately one kilometre east (to your left when facing the sea). There is a free shuttle that connects the two ports. The hydrofoils depart from Molo Beverello, the ferries depart from Calata Porta di Massa (and are the only vessels able to transport cars and motor vehicles). Before departing, it is best to check the hydrofoil and ferry schedules, as they change frequently.

From Pozzuoli: To reach the port of Pozzuoli from the highway, once the Naples tollgate is reached, continue for approximately 12 Km and get onto the Ring Road in the direction of Pozzuoli, travel the whole Ring Road and take the exit number 12 "Via Campana"; after the toll, follow signs for the Port. From the port of Pozzuoli you may embark with your vehicle for both the Port of Ischia and Casamicciola Terme. Both ports are departure points for ferries of the Caremar and Medmar companies. Please visit our webpage where it is possible to reserve and purchase tickets. The trip to reach the island of Ischia ranges from 60 to 90 minutes. Difference in travel times is due to the possibility of a stopover in Procida.

Upon arrival in Ischia

How to reach the hotel by car:

There are 2 disembarkation ports on the island: Port of Ischia (approx. 18 km) and Casamicciola Terme (14 km). In addition, there is the third port of Forio (7 km from our hotel), which only serves hydrofoils (only passenger transport, NOT cars). After arriving at Port of Ischia or Casamicciola Terme, we recommend following signs for Strada Statale 270 in the direction of Lacco Ameno, Forio and Saint Angelo. For nearly the entire drive, continue on the road along the coast, passing through the village of Succhivo and, after approximately 1 km, arriving in Saint Angelo. Near the entrance to the village of Saint Angelo of Ischia there are three parking spaces available. One must leave their car here and, if necessary, make use of the electric carts situated at the entrance of the village as the whole area is restricted to traffic.

How to reach the hotel on foot:

Taxi: At the port you will find a line of taxis. In any case, be aware that the taxi will not be able to accompany your party to the entrance of the hotel. You will need to travel approximately 700/800 meters on foot.

Bus: Saint Angelo may be reached in two ways. Disembarking at Port of Ischia there are three bus lines: CS and bus line 1, which pass through the towns of Casamicciola Terme, Lacco Ameno and Forio of Ischia, and the CD line that passes through the towns of Barano of Ischia and Serrara Fontana. All lines arrive at the main stop in Saint Angelo of Ischia, in the large main square, called Cava Grado.

If necessary, for baggage transport, make use of the electric carts situated at the entrance of the village, as the whole area is restricted to traffic. Continue along Via Chiaia di Rose; after following this road for approximately one hundred meters, you will arrive at Casa Celestino which will be on your left.